Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thrift Store Crib Finds

How many of us have old cribs?  The slats are too far apart, the side rails go down, all of these things restrict people from buying them for the purpose of actually using them for a baby.  BUT, what can you do with those old cribs that you are just going to throw out?  Upcycle them!

Below is a picture I pulled off of a blog a year ago, and above is the crib I came up with to upcycle.  Sorry, I can't remember the blog:(  If you have seen it before, please make a comment as to where it was posted.  I love it!  It's the perfect size for a small space, and could even be sentimental if it was your child's crib, to be able to turn it into a  keepsake bench.

Another fabulous use for the springs, is to use it as a message board!
It can hold hair accessories, clips, calendars, notes, invites and, of course, photos.  We are going to spray paint this one turquoise to match my daughter's room.

Last, but certainly not lease, are the rails. 
I took the crib that was mine when I was a baby, spraypainted the side rails black, and hinged them together.  I use it at craft fairs to hang burp rags, bags, and fabric over the slats.  My sis-in-law added some fun decorative blocks and a 2X4 across the top of hers, and hung it on the wall in her bakery. 
It is the perfect display for tea towels.  I've also seen them hanging on walls with paper back books over them. 

Get creative!  What can you find at the Thrift Store or Garage Sale that you can Upcycle?  Check out this fun blog for lots of great thrift store rehab projects.

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