Friday, August 19, 2011

"Black Cow" Rootbeer Float Day

Today is National Black Cow Rootbeer Float Day.  I want to share a new twist to the rootbeer float that I found last year.  Have you seen these before?

The Fizz Cup

This is how it works:

I saw them last year and bought them for all our neices and nephews for a little Halloween gift.  They do work and it tastes just like a rootbeer float.  They also offer these different combinations to try:

Coke Float Vanilla ice cream & Coca-Cola (or Pepsi, RC Cola, etc.)
Black Cow
Vanilla ice cream, root beer & chocolate syrup
Brown Cow
Chocolate ice cream & root beer
Purple Cow
Vanilla ice cream & grape soda
Beer Float
Vanilla ice cream & real beer (skip the straw!)
Boston Cooler
Vanilla ice cream & ginger ale, blended. Variations include Vernor's, club soda, sherbet, rum, vanilla vodka, milk, sugar, or even coffee
Snow White
Vanilla ice cream & 7-Up, Sprite, or Sierra Mist
Sherbet Cooler
Orange or rainbow sherbet & seltzer water or 7-Up

You can get your Fizz Cups at, but of course you can make all these in a normal cup of pop with  a scoop or two of ice cream.

Enjoy a float with your kiddos tonight!  They will love it!

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