Sunday, August 21, 2011

A fun way to get your kids to eat their peas

I Eat My Peas With Honey

How many of you have had to stare at your child's plate of peas to discover they are in protest of eating them?  Yes, that's what happened one night a couple of weeks ago to my two daughters.  Instead of the usual fight of no dessert, or having to sit at the table until they finished their meal, I decided I would follow one of my favorite children's poems and let them do just that!

We grabbed the honey, and squirted it on our knives.
Loaded them up with peas, and I recited that funny poem written by an annonymous poet.

"I eat my peas with honey,
I've done it all my life.
It makes the peas taste funny,
but, it keeps them on the knife."

Yes, they actually gobbled them up because we put a new twist on dinner.

I first read this poem as a youngster from a Shel Silverstein book..  Upon reasearching the poem, I discovered it was not actually written by one of my favorite children's poets.  It was in fact written by an annonymous poet.  Whatever the case, they loved it!

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