Friday, June 10, 2011

Ball Point Pen Birthday, June 10th

In 1945 the first ball point pen was invented.  It was over $12 to purchase one in 1945.  Today you can get lots of varieties and even embellish your own. 

With another birthday upon us, the 4th of July, I thought we should make some fun pens today to have around the house.  We attached ribbon streamers with duct tape and even some blow horns. 

They resemble a sparkler!

We just celebrated Drawing Day with a fun craft for pencils using duct tape. I thought it was worth reposting, because my girls have been making them on pencils and pens. Are your kids into duct tape crafts yet? You can find all sorts of fun patterns at Wal-mart, Michaels and Hobby Lobby. My daughter, Maddie, made this super fun duct tape flower pencil. It's super easy very cute.

First you cut several duct tape rectangles.

Then fold one corner over so there is still tape revealed.

Simply make several of these and wrap them around the eraser side of the pencil to form a rose.

Now, go out and embellish those ball point pens, and be thankful that you can get a whole pack of them for $1 instead of $12 each in 1945.


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