Tuesday, June 21, 2011

World Skateboarding Day-June 21st

My son, Jake's, interest in skateboarding started at the age of 8.  He would sit on the inexpensive board ($15) from Wal-mart and roll down the drive way.  The neighbor boy then figured out a way to tie the board with a long rope and connect it to his bike and they would take turns pulling each other around the cul-de-sac.

As Jake grew older his interest in skate boarding grew.  We enrolled him in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Skate Board Camp which was taught by semi-pro skate boarders, and it was amazing.  After two years of that he became quite the boarder.  Jake's interest in skateboarding has spread to his 10 year old sister.  She actually bought herself a board from Wal-mart this year.

Two years ago for Christmas, we splurged and let him "Build his own board".  He had blown through about 5 or 6 boards, so we figured it was time to invest in something.  This board has been awesome.


Jake has also increased his interest in other "Skate Board" avenues.    He loves the "Ripstick".  Instead of the traditional 4 wheeled skateboard, this one has two platforms with just two wheels.  This requires a some balance and a lot of wiggle manuvering. 


Jake just got this fun three wheeled  Sole Skate for Christmas this year.  Lots of fun.

So whether your kid is just starting out, or on their way to becoming a pro, there are lots of different options for your young skateboarder.

Okay, those of you who know me, know I wouldn't let this day pass without a craft, too!
I'm the queen of up-cycling, so what can you do with the broken boards?


A super cool bench made by my friend's hubby

Yes, my son even has a skate board themed room.
Enjoy your day, and get your son or daughter involved in something new.  This is a pretty inexpensive sport, a great mode of transportation and great exercise.

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