Thursday, June 9, 2011

Buy your Corn on the Cob! June 11th is Corn on the Cob Day!

We LOVE to eat corn on the cob, but there are other ways you can use corn on the cob. 

Last night we ate it.  We boiled the corn and then added butter and some seasoned salt.  YUM!  Last week though we painted with it.  You can roll the corn in paint and then roll it on paper and make fun prints, dip the end in paint and make a flower type print, you can use the corn silk (the hairy stuff) as a brush before you shuck the corn, or even use the husk.  Options are endless.  Let you kids use their imagination and enjoy being creative!  I thought about using pudding so that the corn was still edible when we were finished.  If anyone has an edible paint recipe, please post it in the comments below.

Another way you can use corn on the cob is that you can make a sensory tub.  You can purchase the dried corn that people put out for squirrels, have the kids pluck off the kernals and put it in a big box for a sensory tub.  Give them bowls, dishes, spoons so that they can dig and pour the corn.  If you don't have time to pluck the corn off yourself, you can purchase squirrel feed at the store and use that instead.  You can even hide items in the mix and ask them to find them!  Little kids can spend hours playing in this...similar to a sandbox.

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