Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Best Friends Day, June 9

This is a day set aside to cherish a really good friend. Of course you can remember your cherished friend with the fun BFF necklaces and my daughter is notorious for the friendship bracelets. She makes them out of embroidery floss and braids them, macrame's them, and sometime she adds beads.
A couple of months ago my daughter was in the hospital. It was very scary. Her "BFF" brought her a super fun gift. It was a framed picture that she made from a fabulous website called You type in all the words that describe your friend and wordles arranges it horizontally, vertically, and colorfully. Her picture included the words, Maddie, thoughtful, friend, kind, creative, etc. It made me tear up at what a thoughtful gift it was. It's like writing your BFF a letter telling her all of the things you think of her, and preserving it uniquely in a frame.  There are lots of different color combinations, fonts, and styles to choose from.
We have been on vacation all week spending time with my parents and my sister and her family. I was reminded that some of your best friends can be your cousins. I never had any cousins when I was little, and I am in awe of what great friends my sister's girls and my girls have become.  So whoever your BFF is or even if you have several, think about them and let them know how you feel about them today.

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