Thursday, June 2, 2011

Knowledge is Sweet!

Summer is upon us and sometimes it is hard to get the kids to stay away from the tv.  I have decided to make a little incentive for my kids to do some reading/school work over the summer.  I have created a "Knowledge is Sweet" jar.  They can earn candy by reading for 30 minutes, journaling or any other "school activity" approved by mom or dad.  June is also National Candy Month. 

We headed to Hobby Lobby, picked up a glass jar and some stickers which were all 50% off.  I do not have a machine that will cut vinyl, so I chose to use stickers.  My daughter enjoyed helping me make the jar and her and her brother look forward to their candy they earn each day.

(You can print this for the back of your jar)

Fill with your kids' favorite kinds of candy and encourage them to do some school work.  I have decided to have my older two kids work for candy while my youngest is taking his nap.  It will be a good time for everyone to have some quiet "me" time.

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