Tuesday, July 19, 2011

National Independent Retailer Month

We all eat at chain restaurants, we shop at big box retailers, but before all of these things existed, it was the mom & pop businesses that supplied us with the things we needed, wanted and desired. It's much harder for an independent to stay in business.  They don't have the massive support of 20+ stores behind them.  But, the mom & pop retailer is unique.  What sets them apart from the big box retailer?  Most often you can get very unique products, personal service, and the independent retailer can make decisions the larger businesses can't. 

When we go on vacation, we always try to scope out unique, independent retailers to patronize.  We have had some amazing experiences at many of these places.

I challenge you to look for these businesses in your community.  You will be surprised at the hidden treasures within your community.

Celebrate Independent Retail

Independent Retailer Month is a campaign to highlight the important role independent retailers play within the retail sector as a whole.
Many towns are suffering record vacancy rates. It is hardly surprising that when the street is bland and boring consumers are not attracted there to shop. Conversely when it is vibrant, exciting and fresh, with a diverse mix of both independents and chains, it is far more attractive and the decision to 'Shop Local' is an easy one.
These independent retailers provide the local flavor and color to a community. Imagine how tasteless it would be to travel around the country where each community had the same businesses as the next community.
It does not matter what country, province, or state we are talking about. Nor does it matter who the mass merchant is; every community, big or small should be a combination of the families that have chosen to live in the community and build their own business.
Shopping in these businesses is a sure way to be certain your money stays in and supports your community. When the media remind the community of this special relationship, our goal is moving forward. When local residents and other businesses make an effort to do business with locally owned retail businesses, our goal is achieved.

Independent Retailer Month: What it's all about

Independent retailer month focuses on 3 things:
  • Encouraging consumers to celebrate their favorite independent retailers, to remind themselves of the fantastic mom and pops on their door-steps, and to vote with their feet if they really do want to help local retail!
  • Encouraging independent retailers to create a buzz in July - to let people know that they are celebrating Independent Retailer Month, that they are proud of their store. To attract attention and to get customers, suppliers and the local press talking about them!
  • Encouraging suppliers and all those who service the independent retail sector to spread the word - to tell their customers, to support them with ideas and in store events to really take advantage of all the focus!

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