Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Golf Month ~ July

I love this month!  My husband and I both played collegiate golf and plan to pass on the love of golf to our children.  Last year they participated in the First Tee program which is a great opportunity for kids to learn about golf.  It is very reasonable and the kids don't even need their own clubs.  It also teaches them life skills.  This summer they didn't want to do the First Tee, so we just did one week of Junior Golf lessons at the local public course.  We do not want to push them to play golf.  We want them to discover it is fun on their own.  We have been trying to take them to the course to play with us.  If neither you or your spouse plays golf, does Grandpa or Grandma?  This is a great activity to involve them.  There aren't many sports that you can play your whole life.  Golf is one that you can.  You can go to a golf course and see young kids out there and 90 year old people.  It is a great sport to learn. 

During family golf month many courses are participating in special events such as Kids Play Free, Bring your Kids to the Golf Range, and Take Your Daughter to the Course week July 5-11.  Check out this website to see if there is a course in your area participating in these events.

A couple of weeks ago my parents went golfing with us.  The kids loved it!  (Even my youngest!)  Here are a few pictures.

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