Saturday, July 16, 2011

National Cow Day - July 16th

Our Favorite Milk.....Shatto
Okay, so I wanted to share my favorite thing that comes from a cow....MILK. We drink skim milk at my house. Every once in a while we add a little
chocolate syrup to be crazy. BUT, have you ever had Rootbeer Milk? It tastes just like a rootbeer float.
We discovered Shatto Milk a couple of years ago. It comes in glass bottles, and you actually pay a deposit when you purchase the milk, and get it back when you return the bottle. We first discovered it at our local HyVee store, but it is available at many local grocery stores. The Shatto Dairy is located about 35 minutes North of Kansas City, in Osborn, Missouri. They do tours, too!
So, when you are in the Kansas City area, you should hunt down som Shatto Milk, or visit their dairy for a tour.

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