Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Reunion Silent Auction

This was a BRILLIANT idea for our family reunion this year.  Everyone brought a silent auction item from the city they came from.  We set up a silent auction for each item.  All of the family members had about 3 hours to bid on fun baskets and items that their relatives brought . 

Several relatives brought nostalgic, sentimental items.  My favorite item that was donated by cousin Tina, was Grandma Herman's cookie jar.  All the kids and grandkids remembered the cookies that Grandma Herman used to make and keep in her cookie jar.  My sister-in-law, Sondra, won the bid on the cookie jar.  The only stipulation was that she would have to bring it back for the next reunion.

We won the bid on an apron that one of my husband's aunts made.  It was made with embroidered tea towel that were embroidered by Grandma Herman.

The silent auction made over $1200.  We were only about $100 short of paying for the food and activities.  We passed a basket, and the whole event was paid for.  So, if you are planning your next family reunion, consider a silent auction.  It might pay for the entire event.

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