Sunday, September 18, 2011

National Sewing Month/Upcycled T-shirt Dress

Upcycled T-shirt Dress

1.  Take a t-shirt and cut the bottom half off. This shirt is a size 5T

2.  Find 3 or 4 t-shirts that are larger than a 5 T.  Adult and teen shirts will work well.

3.  Cut the larger t-shirts into 2- 3 inch strips.  It is fun it the shirts have screen printing or patterns on it.
4.  Sew the strips together in the pattern you want the skirt of the dress to be.  I sewed wrong sides together so that the seams would be on the outside of the shirt.  You can do it either way.  I like the look of the "ruffle like" seams on the outside.

5.  Measure the top shirt that you have already cut.  Fold the sewn together strips in half.  Take the measure ment of the top shirt and add 1/2 inch seam allowance and cut your striped skirt to that measurement.  If you want an a-line skirt, start with that measurement at the top, and graduate out.

6.  Sew the skirt side together.  Pin it to the top shirt and sew together.  Knit doesn't fray, so you can leave the bottom hem alone, or use the bottom of a t-shirt that is already trimmed for the last strip on the skirt.

I added a little t-shirt strip swirl flower to the top of this dress for a fun accent.


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