Saturday, September 3, 2011

Child Safety Month

I am a partner in a store called the mommyshop, in Overland Park, Kansas.  We have 60 vendors that cater to moms and kids under the age of 12.  Of course we meet lots of interesting people, and most of our vendors are moms who have started a small business of their own to fulfill a need in the baby arena.  I was introduced to a business last week called It's a Belly.  It's a very cool concept.  The mom who started it realized that it almost took a college education to buy and research safe things for her kids.  In doing all of this research, she realized that other people might appreciate a knowledgable business that will do that work for them.....and It's a Belly was born. 

They focus on green products, baby proofing your house, and maternity concierge.  Check out their blog and website for some great info.  to help keep your kiddos safe and to keep our earth green.

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