Saturday, September 10, 2011

Journal in a Box

I created this fun "Journal in a Box" two years ago.  It has been a lot of fun now that we are through multiple years.  The idea is simple.  We keep it by the dining room table, so at dinner we can add to it.  There is no pressure to journal every day.  The idea is that it is a perpetual journal with an index card for every day of the year.  You might write just a sentence about something that happened on September 10, 2011.  Next year on September 10, 2012, you would make another entry.  It is so much fun to look back at what happened the previous year.

I started with just a simple sterilite clear plastic recipe box.

I created a different divider from cardstock and fun scrapbook paper.  You could just by index card divider, too, for an easier project.

I cut a piece of card stock the size of the index cards and used my creative memories circle punch to create a cardstock circle to glue to the top of the index card sized cardstock.  I used the smaller hole punch to cut the complimenting scrapbook paper to go over it.

Then, you just start writing every thing you want to remember from one year to the next. 
I think this project would be perfect for a new mom who wants to record all of those milestones of her new baby.  It is also perfect to record bible verses that might mean something to you that day of that year from one year to the next.  Whatever you want to journal, this is just a fun, creative way to do it.  I let the whole family record stuff so it is in all of our handwriting.  It's fun to look back at my now second grader's handwriting from when she was in Kindergarten.

Create those memories!

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