Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trimming the Tree

If you can't tell, Christmas is my favorite holiday, for many reasons.  Those of you who are scrapbookers, and extreme saps, will appreciate this.  Those of you who are very into decorating, symetry, and style, perhaps not.  But......I share.

When I was trimming the tree this year, I realized that I"m rubbing off on the kids.  Each of the kids have their own trees, with their own special ornaments.  Every ornament we pulled out to trim the tree with, the kids would remember where and when and why we got/received the ornament.  The ornaments they didn't recognize, they would ask, "mom, where did this ornament come from?"

My ornaments are like a scrapbook.  Every year we open the boxes, pull out the ornaments and remember a story.  This is a carved gord my hubby bought me on our honeymoon in New Mexicon.
This ornament was from my second grade teacher, Ms. Roche.  Her mom crocheted one for me and each of my class mates.  She was my favorite teacher.
My friend, Eileen brings me an ornament a lot from places they go.  This is one of my favorites.  She knows I used to life guard in high school.  This is a life guard stand from a vacation she took several years ago.
I bought this ornament last year when I went on a 40th Birthday Vacation with my sister and my friend, Megan. 
  I bought this pink tennis shoe in Breckenridge, Colorado, with my friend, Cara, when we finished walking the Avon 39 Mile Breast Cancer walk.

I could go on and on.  So, if you look at a goofy ornament at the store, and think who would ever put THAT on their tree, it might just signify something special to someone.

Merry Christmas!

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