Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Book Advent Calendar

Every year I add a new Christmas book or two to our collection.  The kids love to read these books we only pull out once a year.  The other day I heard a lady talking about a tradition she has.  Instead of an advent calendar, she wraps up all of their Christmas books, she has 24, and lets the kids open a new one each day.  Even though they are their books that they have had for years, it is always exciting to open it and read it over and over until Christmas.
If you don't have quite that extensive of a collection, you can always pick them up at the Dollar Tree, Target's Dollar Spot, or even Goodwill and the 1/2 Price Book Store.
This year the book I added to our collection is The Little Red Elf.  It is a take on The Little Red Hen.  The illustrations are beautiful!  They are available at mommyshop in Overland Park, Kansas, or online from
Another VERY favorite book of ours is Max Lucado's The Crippled Lamb.  It is the story of Jesus' Birth from a little lamb's perspective.  It is absolutely adorable and a fabulous message.

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