Wednesday, March 4, 2015

National Oreo Cookie Day

I did not know this until this year, but March 6th could be my favorite day of the year!  It is National Oreo Cookie Day!  I LOVE Oreos!  We love to dunk Oreos at our house...

make Oreo Shakes...bake with Oreos...if there are Oreos in the recipe it has to be good, Right?!?!

I made them for Valentine's Day and they were Delicious!  They were very rich with a softness to them, but still crunchy with the Oreo cookies and the chocolate chips.  I shared some with my elderly neighbors and they loved them.  She was raving about them to her friends, so I decided to make another batch so her friends could try them too.  This time my 3 year old decided we needed to use a blue velvet cake mix instead of red.  I also forgot to buy butter so we used margarine on our second batch.  Here is how they turned out.

They were a little more gooey and messy, but not quite as rich.  My two youngest kids ate their whole piece where when I made it with butter, they did not finish their piece.  All in all, we all decided they were better with the margarine instead of butter.  You can find the recipe here.

For more recipes, head here:

On this post you will find my Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!

We made these Oreo Cookie Balls at Christmas time.  A friend had made them and called them Reindeer Poop, so of course my kids wanted to make them!  They are delicious and only 3 ingredients!  Oreo cookies, cream cheese and chocolate bark.  You can find the recipe here on

Let me know your Favorite way to eat an Oreo!

***I am posting these posts a couple of days before the actual Holiday so that you have time to prepare for the special holiday!

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