Thursday, March 5, 2015

National Cereal Day!

I already have dinner planned for you for Saturday, March 7th and it is Very Simple!  It is National Cereal Day, so why not confuse your family and have a cereal bar for dinner??  I know my kids will love it!

For my cereal bar, I went to Aldi's and picked out a bunch of cereal that my kids would enjoy.  If you have never tried the cereal at Aldi's, I highly suggest it.  It is around $1.79 a box and tastes just like the name brand cereal.  I also plan to include yogurt, granola and fruit for them to choose from.

Did you know there is an actual restaurant that is a cereal bar??  It is called Cereality, but sadly only has a couple of locations in the United States.  Check out their website:



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