Friday, March 6, 2015

I made 20 Meals in Less than 2 hours!

Last weekend I went to my website ( and clicked on the My Family Meal Planner Crock Pot Only page. I scrolled to the bottom and clicked on the Month 5 grocery list. (I chose Month 5 because those meals sounded the best to me for the this upcoming month.) Then I crossed off all the ingredients I already had and headed to Aldi's. Of course I also bought things that were not on that list that we needed. Cereal, yogurt, milk, lunch meat, bread and the much needed bag of M&M's, Lol, plus lots more snack items for the kids. I also purchased some ingredients for 5 other meals. All of this and my total at check out was $199.50! That was 25 meals for less than $8 a meal. If you cook 5 meals a week, that is less than $40 per week for groceries.
Saturday morning I got up and got to work. I went to my website again and printed the preparation instructions and my labels for my Ziploc bags. I had my daughter stick the labels on the bags while I was doing the prep work. Then I started assembling the meals. I kid you not, I was done with 20 meals in less than 2 hours, plus all the clean up! Now my freezer is stocked and I will not have a messy kitchen every night. Plus I will have more time with my kids!
I Highly Recommend you do this! It is such a stress relief to know I have my freezer full of meals! If you already have a My Family Meal Planner Crock Pot Only you can click on the links on my website at the bottom of the My Family Meal Planner Crock Pot Only page.
If you do not already own the My Family Meal Planner Crock Pot Only, you can order it here:
Use Coupon Code: FREEZERPLN and receive 25% off! This is a great deal for a planner that will save you lots of Time and Money!  Sale Ends March 11, 2015 at midnight CST.


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