Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kids Artwork Display

I have struggled with what to do with my kids' artwork.  I love to display them, but don't necessarily love them on the refrigerator door.  We had a blank wall in our hallway near our kitchen and I decided it was the perfect spot to display their hardwork.  Now I had to come up with how I was going to do it.  This what I came up with:

I Love It!  The kids love to change out their pictures too.  Now, on to how I made it.  I looked at Hobby Lobby and thought about buying one of these frames:
But for the size I needed it was going to be costly even at 50% off.  Plus they didn't have the exact size I wanted.  So off to Home Depot I went.  I decided to just purchase some 1x2 wood (think that is the size) and let my husband make a frame.  He mitered the corners, I stained the wood and then he connected the wood to make the frame.  I then used these items that I purchased at Hobby Lobby:

I used the mirror hangers and put them down the sides of the frame, making sure they were the same distance between so that when I hung my wire it would be straight.  I went down 2 1/2 inches at the start and then 8 inches between hangers from there.  Then I strung the wire and tried to get it as tight as possible so that the pictures wouldn't weigh it down.  When these steps were finished I used the 3m Velcro picture hanging strips and attached the frame to my wall.

I also used a silhoutte machine to cut the vinyl to hang above the frame.  It was now ready to be embellished with artwork!

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